The visual identity manual is online

To whom is the Service useful?

It is useful to advertising sales agencies, to graphic offices, which manage the visual identity or a company advertising or a product advertising, but to communication offices and business marketing too.

What are the benefits?

1. You have not to make more classic paper user manual about visual identity. With, all the contents on the Manual can be published on web. A single place with files, which allows you not to have to update the Manual or redistribute the files eventually revised. The result is a constantly updated archive, which all those involved in use or management can refer to.

2. You have not to provide more advertising campaigns with different subjects and formats to advertising sales agencies, dealers, your own dealers, print service providers or to anyone who must see for a personalized visual identity: you have just to issue a password (even temporary).

3. You can have in a single place the pictures of your own products or the photographic business services, stored and tagged for easy search and next download.

If I get a trial account, what can I do?

The trial account allows you to use all the functions. The only limit is that it lasts 10 days. You can convert your trial account in user account within 10 days, keeping everything you have already included in the website.

How long does my subscription last?

It lasts 365 days from the date of purchase. By the due date, you can renew it for another year and so year in and year out.

How do I pay?

All the transactions are processed on secure PayPal server. You can pay by credit card or by Paypal. The transactions data are not stored by

How do I cancel a subscription?

You not have to renew it at the expiration date.

What happens to all the files uploaded in my account, if I do not renew my subscription?

The account will be deleted and no longer accessible at the expiration date and thus the files will be deleted too. You can no longer restore it and you will lost everything you inserted in.

Is there a limit of files to be included?

There is no limit of files to load, but the limit concerns the available space of the account purchased. Each file, even compressed, it cannot exceed 500 MB.

What kind of content can I upload into my account?

All files related to visual identity and corporate communication. It is forbidden to upload or transfer offensive, pornographic, illegal, distasteful and unauthorized content (for which you are not the original author or for which you do not have the authorization to use).

Can I structure in a different way from the basic version?

The structural organization of were designed to fulfill the most common needs of the most of companies. If you have different needs, we are willing to change your basic account. Send us an email describing your needs and we will contact you to provide you a cost estimate for the personalization of your account.